Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Movin' along...

Astra is finally moving forward with her recovery. For awhile it seemed like she was hitting one stumbling block after another. She was having anxiety attacks coupled with coughing attacks that would last hours at a time. But the last couple days have been her best yet!! My mom said she finally feels like Astra is back:)
Here are her latest happenings:
  • While throwign up her feeding tube came out so they thought they would let her try eating real food before putting it back in.
  • She lost 6 lbs during the six days when her feeding tube was out
  • the feeding tube went back in on Monday and she has already gained a pound:)
  • she is working on eating real food as well
  • the feeding tube nutrients are making her bowels quite wacky
  • to put it bluntly she is pooping non-stop so she is actually wearing diapers- Samantha got a real crack out of it and when Samantha was asking Astra if her diapers had princesses on them like her pull-ups Astra laughed for the 1st time- which caused her too much pain so we had to stop the joking. But it was good to hear her laugh again:)
  • Samantha was also telling her that she is a big girl and does not wear diapers anymore... but why is Astra wearing diapers?!!
  • On that same note- this week her boyfriend made her laugh and she peed her pants!:) (yes, I got permission to write all these fun toilet stories!)
  • She is now sitting up on her own and even took about 50 steps last night. (while pushing the wheelchair for assistance.)
  • her pain meds have been weaned down to every 4 hours instead of 3
  • Today's chest x-rays show that her lungs are a little worse than when she 1st came in- she has pneumonia in her left lobe. But they kind of anticipated this would happen.
  • Overall she has had her best two days yet- she even had her 1st visitors on Monday:)

This pic is from last week, when she was having problems with fevers.

Her cute friend, Somer who is another C.F. buddy, made this incredible painting for her. You are so sweet Somer!!! I sent her some cards the kids made for her. Samantha's has a pic of her in a princess dress and says, "From one princess to another... get better soon!" And Parker's is a pic of him flexing that says, " Live, Love, Breath... and be Strong!!!!"
We are so proud of all Astra's hard work and are excited to see her next week!!!! Love you sis!


  1. Great to see you on the road to recovery! Hang in there!

  2. Astra I am so very glad to hear how well you are doing,, My bestie Somer told me about you.. I also have CF, 10 months post transplant, so I am on the same page as far as recovery goes.. Keep up the great work!!! Love Lots T

  3. YAY!!! So glad to see you eating a grilled cheese and a 3 musketeers!

    Sare Thanks for updating...


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  5. What you really need is a Tuna Melt from the Hires Big H! Keep up the good work.

  6. Are you ever going to post again ;)